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Passport Issued One Year Later

“Thank you for your assistance. I received my passport on 21st August 2023 through the post office in Garissa,” this was the message of Kadiri Mohamed to the Commission’s Mombasa Regional Office.

Mr. Mohamed complained to the Commission alleging delay by the Immigration office in Mombasa to process and issue a passport which he applied for on 20th August 2022 and duly paid the requisite charges. He stated that despite numerous calls and follow-ups at the Immigration office, he had not been assisted, necessitating him to seek the Commission’s intervention. 

The Commission by way of inquiry took up the matter with the Immigration Department on 20th July 2023 leading to the processing and issuance of the passport on 26th July 2023. Mr. Mohamed in an email to the Commission confirmed receipt of the passport and thanked the Commission for the intervention.