Call for Improved Service Delivery at Resident Associations’ Meet

The Commission has urged Kenyans whether as individuals or in groups to demand better services from public institutions as a matter of right. The challenge of inefficient service delivery in public sector will only change with vigilance of individual citizens, civil society or resident associations.
The call was made in a presentation by Mr Sammy Cheboi, Advocacy and Communications Manager, during the Kenya Alliance of Residents Associations’ (KARA) Bi-Monthly Talk Series – 58 held on 15 November, 2017, in Nairobi.
The theme of the talks was ‘What is the Role of Administrative Justice in Promoting Access to Better Services in Kenya?’.
It was revealed that the Commission had resolved a total of 286,059 complaints received in six years, representing a resolution rate of 83%.
Mr Ephraim Kanage, KARA Treasurer, decried the inefficiencies associated with service delivery in the public sector, arguing that it was undermining fundamental rights of citizens as captured in the Constitution.
He said KARA, through the talks, was hoping to focus attention on the cost of poor service delivery and demand a change of attitude among civil servants.

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